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安省停车场发生碰撞后适用规则。How to deal with a car collision in a parking area?



  • · 如果撞到了合法停车的车辆,撞车司机全责;

  • · 如果撞到了非法停车的车辆,停车司机全责;

  • · 在停车场,通常是在车道上行驶的司机拥有更多路权,所以当发生事故时,通常是从停车位出来的车辆承担主要责任;

  • · 即使在没有停牌的情况下,从停车位出来的车辆在进入车道之前也需要按停牌刹车,并让车道上的车辆先行;

  • · 从停车位倒出,撞上迎面驶来的车辆时,从停车位中移出的车辆很可能要承担主要责任(因为在交通车道上的车辆拥有更多路权,在这

  • 种情况下,倒车方应该在停车位上等待,直到安全时再移动);

  • · 若两个司机同时从停车位倒出时相撞,双方均需承担责任;

  • · 如果停车时撞到打开车门的停车车辆,那么打开门的车辆负全责;

  • · 如果你打开车门撞倒另一辆车,那么你将要负全责;

  • · 如果由于一个或多个司机忽略了该区域的交通标志而导致事故,则未能遵守的司机均需承担责任;

  • · 如果司机鲁莽驾驶并撞倒另一辆汽车或行人,撞车司机全责;

  • · 如果你的车辆在停车场被撞后对方逃逸,则被当做普通肇事逃逸事故(hit-and-run),如果有人员受伤或者车身损失达$2000刀,应立

  • 即报告保险公司处理;并需要通知警察。

  • · 如果你的保险公司发现判断是谁的责任,那么很可能双方五五分责,这意味着如果你提出索赔,保费可能会受到影响。




Here are some of the 'rules of the road' as they apply to parking lots.

  • You are always at fault if you hit a parked car, if it is parked legally.

  • If an illegally parked car is hit by another car, the owner of the illegally parked car is generally at fault

  • Drivers on a main lane that enters or exits into the lot have the right of way over drivers pulling out of parking spots or entering from a feeder lane.

  • Even if there is no stop sign where you enter a main lane from a feeder lane, you are expected to stop or at least, yield to traffic,

  • If you back into a feeder lane or main lane and another car hits you, then you will likely be held responsible for the accident.

  • If two drivers back into one another while pulling out of a parking spot they may both be at fault If you back into an opened door of a parked car, the owner of the parked car is at fault.

  • If you open your door and hit another car, then you are at fault for the damage.

  • If a car accident results because one or more drivers ignored a traffic sign in the lot, then the driver(s) who failed to obey the sign is at fault.

  • If someone drives recklessly and hits another car or a pedestrian, then they can be held liable under Ontario traffic laws.

  • If you or your vehicle was hit by someone who left the scene of the accident, this situation will be treated like any other hit-and-run accident. You need to immediately inform your insurer of the accident if someone was injured or if you wish to file a claim for property damage, and the police must also be informed if there was combined damage over $2000 or any injuries.

  • If your insurer finds it difficult to ascertain who was at fault in a parking lot accident, they will likely assign 50 per cent blame to both drivers, which means that your insurance may be affected if you make a claim.

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