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Government Fees

The fee varies case by case. You may request a quotation after assessment. 

Legal Service Fees:

Legal Consultation fee: 100CAD for case analysis and assessment, which will be credited towards your legal fees, if you retained our services.


Small Claim Court:

-- Demanding Letter or Letter of Intent to Sue: 150-200 CAD

-- File Claim/Defence+ Court fee: 600-800CAD

-- Serve claim/defence to defendant/plaintiff+affidavit: 200CAD

-- File a motion: 200-300CAD

-- Attend settlement conference: 300CAD

-- Go for a trial: 800-1000 CAD

-- A bundle fee for a case: 2000-3500 CAD

-- Apply for garnishment:


Landlord Tenant Board:

--Evict a tenant due to non-payment, interference other tenants, damaging property and etc.:1500-2500 CAD (a bundled fee include serve notice, Affidavit, file to LTB, settlement conference, and trial)

--Defence a landlord eviction application: 1200-2000 CAD (a bundled fee include serve notice, file to LTB, Affidavit, settlement conference, and trial)

--Attend settlement conference: 500-600CAD

--Go for a trial 800-1000CAD

--Consultation and guide you through the process: 300-500 CAD (Do it by yourself)


Traffic Tickets:

--Go for negotiation with the prosecutor and plea guilty for a ticket: 200-300 CAD

--Consultation and guide you through the process: 100-300CAD (defense by yourself)

--Go for a trial bundle fee: 800-1000


Notary Public

--Initial/First Notary Public Stamp and Signature, 30CAD; the following pages 10CAD/page



--Commissioner for affidavit: stamp and Signature 40 CAD

--Draft and Commissioning the Statutory Statement: 80-150CAD

Legal Document Draft: 80-150 CAD (based on the complexity)

  1. Drafting Affidavit 

  2. Preparation of Power of Attorney

  3. Preparation of Travel Consent letter for children

  4. Drafting Immigration Invitation Letters

  5. Preparation of Power of Attorney

  6. Drafting Contracts and Employment Agreements

  7. Loan Document Preparation

  8. Declarations and Statements

  9. Letter of Recommendation

  10. Affidavit of Execution

  11. Confidentiality agreement

  12. Promissory Note

  13. Release/Waiver agreement

  14. Roommate Agreement

  15. Resignation Letter


*All consultations are provided by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants.   

*All fees are prepared to assume it is 1 applicant unless specified otherwise.

*Before you can retain Bokang Immigration and Legal Services and get a quote for your legal representation you need to book an initial consultation. The fee for the consultation over 15 minutes will be credited towards your legal fees if we were retained.

*All fees are in the currency of Canadian Dollars, plus 13% Ontario HST.

*Consultations can take place in-person, over the phone, or through video conference. 

* During the consultation, we are unable to answer questions about how to fill out the forms, nor we are able to review any document.

* Government fees may change anytime based on the government fee list.

* Consultation fee is not refundable.

* Service fees are not refundable once the service is delivered. Only the fees for the service that has not been delivered could be eligible for a refund.

* Services will be canceled or terminated if the due invoice is not paid. A notification will be issued to you. Any results for the service cancellation or termination due to non-payment will be your responsibility.

* By submitting the payment that means I agree to the terms and conditions.

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