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In Ontario, the practice of commissioning is governed by the Commissioners for Taking Affidavits Act (the “Act”). A commissioner for taking affidavits is a person who is entitled to take affidavits and administer oaths, declarations, and affirmations in accordance with the Act (a “Commissioner”).  Lawyers and paralegals licensed by the Law Society are deemed to be Commissioners for the purposes of the Act.

Statutary Declarations

Here is the list of statutory declarations that we commission.

  • Lost, Stolen, Damaged Passport

  • Proof of Loss Motor Vehicle Insurance

  • Medical Insurance Reimbursement

  • Documents for loans, debts and finances

  • Statutory Declaration for Proof of Identity and Verification

  • Replacement of University Degrees / Diplomas Request – Lost & Destroyed Form

  • Replacement of Birth Certificate Request for out-of-province

  • Statutory Declaration of Common Law Union for work and immigration purposes

  • Domestic Partnership Declaration

Taking Affidavt / oath

  • Common Law Union Statutory Declaration

  • Common-law union declaration form

  • Consent letters to travel

  • Custodianship Declarations

  • Certified Copies

  • SAP Affidavit

  • Family Law Affidavits

  • Invitation Letters

  • Indian Consulate Documents

  • Landlord Tenant Board Affidavits

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