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Welcome to Bokang Immigration & Legal Services: Your Trusted Canadian Immigration Consultant-RCIC and Ontario Paralegal

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About Us

Bokang Immigration and Legal Services is a federally registered company in Toronto, Ontario, which provides professional immigration and legal services to the public.  The company was approved by both College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and the Law Society of Ontario (LSO). Tai Ping Li (Richard), the Founder of the company, holds the licenses of RCIC and Paralegal in good standing. He is also a registered Notary Public and a commissioner in Ontario.

Bokang Immigration and Legal Services company stands firmly on the principle of being professional, trustworthy, and being honest to every client. The company is committed to providing excellent immigration services like FST, OINP, EE, family sponsorship, work permits, study permits, visitor visa, etc.  We also work with many other professional companies to provide one-stop services including study abroad, immigration, family sponsorship, settlement, mortgage application, financial services, house purchase, etc. We will make a customized immigration plan for each client to ensure he/she will make the right decision on every step to move forward and avoid detours and mistakes. We will try to help our clients spend less money to complete their lengthy immigration application process.

Bokang Immigration and Legal Services Inc. has its special features in providing immigration services especially focusing on Federal Skilled Trades Program (FST) and OINP Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream.  The company can assist the clients to get proper training in more than 20 licensed trades and become licensed professionals in Ontario, so that they can meet the requirements of  FST or be much easier to get a job offer in Ontario. 

The company will also provide legal services in Ontario, which include small claim court cases (a claim less than 35,000CAD), traffic tickets, LTB cases, notary public, taking an oath as a commissioner, legal documents drafting, and so on.

Client satisfaction is always our target. We are committed to helping every client with our professional and trustworthy services.

博康移民法律服务公司(Bokang Immigration and Legal Services Inc.)位于安省多伦多,是一家在加拿大联邦和安省注册的专业移民及法律服务公司。 公司经由加拿大移民顾问监管协会及安省律师公会审批注册,公司发起人李太平先生为加拿大注册移民顾问(RCIC)同时也是安省律师公会注册法律顾问(Paralegal),并且是安省注册公证员(Notary Public)及宣誓执行专员(Commissioner)。



博康移民及法律服务公司专注提供特色移民服务,公司可为客户提供20多种职业技能培训,辅导客户通过职业证书考试,获得安省及联邦认可的职业证书,以便客户达到联邦职业技工移民类别的要求或者比较容易的获得安省雇主的职业邀请 (job offer),从而为成功移民迈出关键的一步。

​我公司还提供安省范围内的法律服务,包括小额民事诉讼(small claim less than 35,000CAD), 交通告票及各类市政处罚, 房东房客纠纷。同时我们提供法律文件的公证服务(Notary Public),及宣誓执行服务(Commissioner of Oath/Affidavit).



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